PFERD TOOL MOBILE: Centuries of Expertise, Delivered to Your Door

PFERD is always looking for innovative ways to help our clients. Whether it’s communicating safety procedures or optimizing common applications, we enjoy being able to problem-solve any of our clients’ needs. One way is through our small laboratory classes at the PFERDACADEMY in Milwaukee. Another is held outside the classroom and allows us to provide our clients with real world applications of our tools and services. We realized that all of our clients have different needs, so we wanted to give them an option for a more specialized experience. One where PFERD can showcase our products and demonstrate varying solutions needed to resolve your individual concerns. That is why we incorporated our Tool Mobile program.

PFERD Tool Mobile Van

Our Tool Mobile program is our revolutionary mobile solutions and applications vehicle. This program has shown great success in our European & Australian counterparts, so of course we are excited to have it here in the U.S. This program now grants the Midwest better access to all of our services, without our clients ever having to leave their facilities! That’s right, we come to you. We feel by coming directly to you we can work one-on-one and get to the bottom of any concerns or challenges you may have.

If your business needs process improvements or wants to learn more about our cost-saving tools, this program allows you to see them first hand. We will travel to you with everything you need. With our expert technician and sales engineer extraordinaire, Jeff Kwasny, our van arrives with a complete line of PFERD products, including abrasives, files, mounted points, TC burs, power brushes, and more.

In addition to our full supply of metal finishing tools, Jeff will bring his valuable expertise of process improvements, training and safety tips, cost reduction techniques, and on-site demonstrations. This is just one more way we continue to be a single-source of solutions for our clients and to prove how much we value your business.

Please our website for more information on Tool Mobile or to schedule a visit, and feel free to contact us anytime with questions.



Applications Specialist Jeff Kwasny poses with the TOOL MOBILE

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