How to Achieve and Maintain Value in Business

There are a lot of buzzwords that get thrown around in business. One of these words that we hear over and over is “value.” It’s something that means a lot of things to a lot of people—but what everyone agrees on is that it’s critical to success and customer satisfaction. At PFERD, value is an everyday goal; it’s something we aim to give every customer in a number of different ways.

Of course, at the most basic level, the value is about cost; customers look at cost-per-unit and compare it to other companies. But beyond that, true value lies in numerous other factors, and these includes:

Longevity: How long a product lasts is as important is its price. After all, if you pay less but have to replace it more often, you’re losing money in the long run.

Quality: There is simply no value in a product that does not have high-quality production and materials/ingredients. In fact, you can say that something that has very high quality is invaluable.

Performance: No matter the industry or product, it’s important that a company offers proof of performance and quality in the form of testing. At PFERD, we work with the “G-Ratio” test, which scientifically measures how much metal a product can remove in its lifetime, and offers a proven approach. As a result, longevity is assured. In the end, less time is spent on labor in the form of repair, maintenance, and replacements.

Health and Safety: At PFERD, we place such great emphasis on the value that comes from focusing on health and safety, that we’ve actually created a one-of-a-kind approach which we’ve coined “PFERDERGONOMICS.” What this means is that our products are made to positively influence the health, safety, and comfort of the user. This is because we realize that the best value truly comes from focusing on the health and safety of the tool’s operator. This results in effectively reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Specifically, PFERDERGONIMICS provides solutions that include lower vibrations, noise reduction, less dust and emissions, and optimized haptics. These solutions—improving worker safety and productivity—come with a personalized on-site visit from a PFERD consultant and distributor. During which they will evaluate your needs, perform an ERGOCHECK, and begin ordering the PFERDERGONICS right away, to immediately add value in the form of health and safety.

Time: Simply put, time is money. If you wait a long time for your product to be designed, made, shipped, or delivered—or wait a long time to reach a representative from the company—you’re automatically losing value.

Service: Good service is critical—it leads to repeat customers and high satisfaction rates, which directly leads to more money. This is an absolute priority for us at PFERD, and we place great importance on the feedback and happiness of our clients. For instance, Jeff Kwasny, our Applications Sales Engineer, recently relayed the message of a customer who uses our EDP64012 abrasive on a gas-powered saw, and said “the PFERD wheel will make five cuts, whereas the competition only makes one.” He also referred to our POLIFAN Curve EDP67212 as “ingenious.” Bill Meeker, our Western US Applications Specialist, recently spoke of a large shipbuilding client who specifically signed a new contract with us based on our proven “value, support, and service.”

Finally, using the right tool is of utmost importance when it comes to the overall value experience of a company. Our applications experts observe real-world processes and operations every day, optimizing them using the ideal product. They use concrete tools that test our products against each other and the competition, calculating overall labor costs along with the performance of the tool, determining the true value of a product. For instance, unlike others we know bigger isn’t always better. By example, using a 9” cut-off wheel doesn’t necessarily mean the job will be done faster, better, or more easily than if you were to use a 4-1/2” cut-off wheel.

To that note, many of our innovative products, including the POLIFAN CURVE flap discs and POLISTAR TUBE grinding stars, are designed to perform a task with a little-to-no finishing time required. Other innovations, such as our quick-change COMBICLICK system or quick-change adapter for hole saws mean faster tool changes, saving the end-user time and money. The job is done right and done quickly.

We take a multi-faceted, unique approach to everything we do—and what it all means, in the end, is value at every turn.


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