Pipeline Industry Insights from a Career Spanning Five Decades

Recently, thousands of pipeline industry professionals converged in Tulsa  for the Steward School 2018 kick-off event. In addition to recreational activities such as the Annual Charity Golf Tournament and Lincoln Electric BBQ at the Steward School, participants come together to gain new skills through training sessions. This also a great opportunity for industry sponsors to meet with members and discuss product solutions.

Michael Roche in the Field

Among the participants at this year’s Steward School event was PFERD’s Pipeline Market Manager Michael Roche, an honorary member of the Pipeliners Union Local 798 since 1990. Through Michael’s ongoing relationship with the Union, PFERD has served as a sponsor for 15 years. We provide abrasives designed for the pipeline industry and get a first-hand look at how industry professionals are using our products in their projects.

“The market is so busy right now,” Michael said. “There’s going to be an explosion of jobs within the next month…Business is picking up in this sector, and the trend looks to continue for the next 5 years, maybe 10,” he said.

With a pipeline career spanning more than 50 years, Michael is a great candidate to provide such insights. Getting his start in 1964 as an apprentice with a pipeline company in England, he’s traveled the world and built a solid reputation as an industry expert.

“I’ve worked in over 30 different countries, and lived in many for months or years,” he said. In his role as a troubleshooter for a major pipeline company in Tulsa, he could expect phone calls to send him anywhere in the world.

“You didn’t know where you would go the next day,” he said. “Based on the problem with the equipment, you didn’t know how long you’d be there. You had to be there until the job was rectified.”

Working with PFERD, Michael consults with pipeline professionals on the frontlines and offers solutions tailored to each job. The tools must be able to withstand unpredictable and extreme weather conditions and comply with stringent safety requirements. We have more than 6,000 tools for surface finishing, cutting, rust removal, deburring, and more. Michael is a great resource for identifying which tools will be best for each stage of pipeline construction work.

We appreciate Michael’s guidance both internally at PFERD and externally with those who use our products on a daily basis. To learn more about our specialized pipeline solutions or discuss your current needs, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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