PFERD Featured in the August 2018 Edition of FAB Shop Magazine

The August 2018 edition of FABSHOP Magazine Direct.
The August 2018 edition of FAB Shop Magazine Direct.

PFERD was recently featured in the August 2018 edition of FAB Shop Magazine Direct. The article interviews PFERD brush product manager Imre Karetka, who speaks about the importance of deburring, the various deburring options available, and the role of deburring and surface conditioning in automation, which maximizes efficiency in industries that deal with high production volumes on a daily basis, particularly the automotive industry.

In machining terminology, a “burr” refers to a rough edge or ridge on a metal workpiece that remains after the action of a cutting tool or grinding machine. Typically unavoidable byproducts of the machining process, burrs can be problematic if left on the final product. Deburring, as its name suggests, is the process by which burrs are removed, ensuring a smooth and consistent surface finish.

Haven’t read the article yet? Below, we’ll provide an overview of the key takeaways and offer insight into some of PFERD’s deburring solutions.

The Importance of Deburring

Few industries impose stricter safety demands than the automotive industry. Automobile parts and components must be designed to meet stringent specifications and tight tolerances; deburring is a critical manufacturing step to ensure adherence to these requirements.

Internal automobile parts are constantly moving to keep a vehicle functioning smoothly. As Mr. Karetka points out in the FAB Shop article, burrs left behind during manufacturing can break off during operation, resulting in metal flakes flowing within the vehicle’s internal mechanisms. Foreign objects in the transmission, for example, will negatively affect the vehicle’s overall performance and present several safety hazards.

Mr. Karetka also discussed deburring tools as a means of automotive component surface conditioning, such as for camshafts. Bearings, called journals, must be properly finished to facilitate the flow of lubricant onto the camshaft. Improper surface preparation results in lack of lubrication and accelerated wear of metal parts, which causes overheating and seizing of the engine.

Creating Customized Deburring Solutions

Primarily focusing on deburring applications in automation, the article noted that many industries, especially automotive, regularly mass produce parts and components as part of their daily operations. This production process, however, can present unique challenges.

First, conventional manual deburring methods are often inadequate due to time constraints and increased cost of manual labor. Second, space constraints in some facilities can limit the size of brushes that can be used in automated deburring and surface preparation techniques.

To overcome these challenges, PFERD partners with industrial CNC and robotic OEMs to develop customized deburring solutions for specific applications. Our team also configures the grit and wire sizes, increasing them as required to maintain deburring efficiency while minimizing equipment and tool size.

Tackling Deburring Challenges in Automation

At PFERD, we understand that unique situations call for different deburring solutions. To address these different use cases, we offer a range of automated solutions to meet the requirements of almost any industry including:

  • Abrasive brushes –Available with various abrasive materials including aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and ceramic oxide, M-BRAD® brushes are suitable for surface conditioning on a variety of materials including wood, glass, and most metals and alloys.
  • Carbide burrs – Known in the industry for precision, consistency, and concentricity, our carbide burrs are designed for deburring machined holes in metals of virtually any composition or strength. A range of general-purpose burs – as well as material and application specific burs – gives users choices for the optimum solution for their specific application

With more than 200 years of experience in the business, PFERD has established itself as an industry leader providing single-source cutting, grinding, and finishing solutions for many specialty applications. In addition to our standard catalog offering, our team of engineers and technical staff has the experience and expertise to develop customized deburring and surface conditioning solutions to meet customer project-specific requirements. We work closely with clients at every stage of the design process to ensure that our products exceed expectations.

To learn more about deburring automation, check out our recent feature in FAB Shop Magazine Direct. If you’d like to speak with a member of our team for more information on PFERD’s automated deburring and surface finishing services, contact us today.

The  Benefits of High Performance Bur Engineering

Almost any operation involving metal cutting, fabricating, or machining requires secondary processing steps. Removal of weld seams, raised edges, jagged shards, and other imperfections can undermine the part’s performance and detract from its appearance.


With PFERD’s high performance carbide burs, however, manufacturers can easily perform any needed machining while ensuring that their products receive as smooth a finish as possible.

Because they’re designed with particular materials and applications in mind, PFERD’s high performance carbide burs can significantly increase productivity and reduce manufacturer’s operating costs without sacrificing performance.

Material Considerations

While PFERD offers a range of single and double cut burs for general-purpose milling, certain materials pose unique machining challenges. Our material-specific burs will deliver optimum removal with an excellent surface finish.  Their innovative tooth geometry and premium-quality tungsten carbide construction allow for:

  • More aggressive cutting
  • Reduced chatter, noise, and vibration during operation
  • Safe material removal by generating large chips instead of potentially dangerous respirable dust

The following is a brief overview of the various cuts available in our High Performance line, and their unique advantages.


Works best with…


CAST Cut Bur

Cast irons Less noise, smoother milling operation, very high chip removal


Steels and cast steels Shorter machining timelines, extremely high stock removal

INOX Cut Bur

Stainless steels and hard alloys Enhanced tooth geometry, superior finishing, reduced heat generation to prevent discoloration

ALU Cut Bur

Aluminum, other non-ferrous or soft metals High stock removal, reduces loading

Application Considerations

In addition to burs designed for work on specialized materials, PFERD’s high performance range includes carbide burs designed to suit specific applications.


Works best with…

Ideal for…


Automated OR handheld machining Precision applications, high-quality finish


Versatile handheld edge profiling
  • Precise, guided work on edges
  • Chamfering, deburring and edge breaking/rounding
  • Steel and aluminum construction


High-impact applications that typically result in chattering and broken bur teeth Tough operating conditions in shipyards and foundries


Established outside of Cologne in 1799, PFERD has supplied manufacturers with premium metalworking solutions for hundreds of years. In 1942, PFERD was granted their first patent on a “rotary milling cutter”, which later evolved into our present-day line of carbide burs. Over the centuries, PFERD has been committed to offering high quality “single-source” solutions for grinding, cutting, hand finishing, and specialty applications.

Regardless of your industry or application, our high-performance burs can help you achieve maximum productivity and cost effectiveness in your machining process.

To learn more about our products and services, visit our website today.

Improve Productivity with PFERD’s Specially Designed Carbide Burs

PFERD’s High-Performance line of carbide burs offers what an ordinary bur can’t. Designed for specific applications on specific materials, these burs deliver optimum performance and value.

These burs offer the advantages of reduced overall cost with reduced consumption, and maximum material removal, which all contribute to their superior cost-to-performance ratio.  

Many of the burs in this line are uniquely designed for outstanding performance on some of the most commonly machined metals:

  • STEEL Cut for Steel and Cast Steel: Delivers maximum performance with smooth but aggressive operating action. High stock removal leads to significant time savings while lower thermal loads protect the work piece.
  • INOX Cut for Stainless Steel: Innovative tooth geometry enables outstanding stock removal and longer tool life to achieve high-grade quality finishes when processing Austenitic and Duplex Stainless. Yields up to 100% increase in stock removal and generates less heat preventing material discoloration.
  • CAST Cut for Cast Iron: Provides very good chip removal, up to 100% when compared with conventional cross cut burs, with significantly increased aggressiveness. Less vibration and noise leads to smooth milling operation.  
  • ALU/NF Cut for Aluminum and Non-Ferrous metals: ideally suited for coarse machining, these burs generate high stock removal in material such as aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, bronze, and brass.

Application specific burs that deliver unique benefits in the areas of increased productivity are also included in the high performance program:

  • EDGE cut for Edge Profiling: A complete system that is ideal for edge beveling, radiusing, and chamfering that saves time in process piping, plumbing, and pump design applications.
  • MICRO cut for high surface finish : Ideal for both hand-held and automated machining tasks, this unique solutions combines good stock removal and a very fine surface finish, reducing labor time in secondary finishing applications.

Our goal at PFERD is to offer “single-source” solutions for hand finishing, grinding, cutting, and specialty applications. With this High-Performance line of carbide burs, we offer material-specific burs that result in increased productivity and user comfort.

You can witness more of our burs in action in on our YouTube channel

Contact us  to learn more about PFERD’s full range of products and services.

PFERD Tough Burs

For heavy-duty applications in shipyards, foundries and steel construction, PFERD has developed two new special cut patterns for its tungsten carbide burs.

The new 3R and 3RS cuts represent a new PFERD product line designed especially for tough operating conditions. These tungsten carbide burs are characterized by their exceptional impact resistance and performance. The new cuts are ideal for all uses involving high mechanical shock or impact loads. Susceptibility to tooth chipping/breakage, splintering and bur head cracking has been effectively minimized.

Even when milling at low RPM with an only moderately powerful machine, the occurrence of tooth failures is dramatically reduced.