New Roll-Over Hubbing Process at PMB

Among the vast of benefits of the consolidation of distribution facilities is the new marriage of the technical staff to the hubbing equipment. Sam Birel and his team have already implemented some new equipment which makes loading the hubs into the machine easier, faster and safer.

The next improvement to the equipment has been presented to the owners, the expense approved, and will be implemented this Fall. The entire mechanism that attaches the hubs to the wheels in the assembly line is being replaced by new technology that Mr. Birel happened to come across on one of his trips.

The new heads use a different process, which eliminates flashing that can be seen on many hubs that are presently in circulation. The occasional flashing does not pose a safety issue. Torque tests are accomplished on all hubbed wheels to ensure attachment integrity, and the current hubs are perfectly safe and reliable. The new equipment puts out a roll-over that is absolutely perfect in form, with no downside.

Old hubs (left) vs. new hubs (right)

You will start to see the new roll-overs on all grinding wheels, cut-off wheels and POLIFAN® Flap Discs in November. They will be widespread circulated by January.

PFERD Expands Range of POLIFAN®-STRONG, Leader in Aggressive Metal Removal, to include 7” Diameter

POLIFAN®–STRONG Flap Discs feature a major design innovation that allows the removal of more material in less time than any other consumable abrasive tool used with an angle grinder. Available for 4-1/2”, 5”, and now 7” angle grinders. The higher power output of 7” angle grinders is ideal for POLIFAN®-STRONG performance.

POLIFAN®-STRONG is manufactured with 36 and 50 grit zirconia, with 7/8” arbor hole, or 5/8-11 quick-change hub. The 36 grit version is intended for rough surface grinding and weld removal. 50 grit is engineered for chamfering, deburring and edge work.


The new POLIFAN® STRONG SG-PLUS flap disc removes more material in less time than any grinding wheel or competitive flap disc on the market.

The patented construction of the POLIFAN® STRONG flap disc provides extraordinary stability previously only found in reinforced grinding wheels. The extended flap length allows for continued aggressive grinding up to the last grain. The unique design of the POLIFAN® STRONG flap disc provides the maximum metal-removal and longest tool life of any flap disc.