How Safe is Your Workplace?

Did you know that June is National Safety Month? Although the 30 days of June are designed to raise awareness to safety while we are at work, at home, and on the roads, it is something we consider every day of the year. Controlling risk and keeping our employees and customers safe is a top-priority for us at PFERD.  

PFERD’s in-house safety plan begins with the Safety Committee. It consists of team members from QC, HR, Engineering, Customer Service, and Production staff and meets at regular times to review processes and procedures and  to address any concerns in the plant. The goal is to create the safest possible working conditions to protect our employees. A topic the committee discusses regularly is safety in human-machine interaction and plant security. But we don’t stop at making the workplace safe for just our own employees—we work to keep all employees safe from workplace hazards.

With a focus on people we stress the importance of health and safety of operators working across all industrial sectors. Manufacturing is a tough working environment but there are certain areas that can be addressed to improve safety. Through ergonomics, “the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment,” employers can make small changes that will drastically improve working conditions. In the application of power hand tools, creating an ergonomic friendly workplace means protecting workers from the influences of noise, vibrations, emissions, and physical stresses. Workplace injuries are the leading cause of missed work time.

By optimizing the tools workers use every day, workplace health and safety are drastically improved. Our goal is to work particularly hard to reduce the levels of dust, noise, and vibrations produced by abrasives used in conjunction with hand tools – we call this PFERDERGONOMICS and it is at the heart of PFERD’s product design philosophy and process, as well as of the primary ways we deliver value to our customers.

As a founding member of the Organization for the Safety of Abrasives (OSA), we have a commitment to make products that follow safety guidelines and offer outstanding protection of users. PFERD offers free live presentations of customized Safety Seminars for technical schools, private manufacturers and fabricators with a focus on ANSI, ISO and EN standards. The Live Safety Seminars review the proper procedures for mounting, guarding, safe speed ranges and operator practices using high speed consumable tools. It is our goal to help you make safe choices when it comes to the selection of your abrasive products.

Since 1897, PFERD has been a family-owned business that continues to look for long term solutions and quality (high value) products. By continuing the tradition of designing and manufacturing abrasives and cutting tools with the user in mind, we have gained the trust of customers throughout the world. Safety in the workplace is easier to achieve when you use the right tools!

How to Achieve and Maintain Value in Business

There are a lot of buzzwords that get thrown around in business. One of these words that we hear over and over is “value.” It’s something that means a lot of things to a lot of people—but what everyone agrees on is that it’s critical to success and customer satisfaction. At PFERD, value is an everyday goal; it’s something we aim to give every customer in a number of different ways.

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Proudly Sponsoring the AWS SkillsUSA World Team Welders

With manufacturing growing and the industry’s skilled workforce shrinking, it’s now as important as ever to promote hands-on skills and education while fostering excitement over the work American manufacturers do.

At PFERD, we take this task seriously, and as an industry leader whose history dates back over two centuries, we take great pride in being a part of this education.

For this reason, and so many more, we’re extremely excited to sponsor the AWS SkillsUSA team in the 2015 WorldSkills Competition.

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Successful Solutions: PFERD Provides Deflashing Improvements to Reebok, CCM

PFERD was given the challenge of solving a problem in the deflashing of professional hockey stick blades. At the time, the blades were deflashed in a multi-step process which used a sandpaper/brush wheel and then finished with a variety of abrasives such as an orbital sander and hand sanding.

PFERD applications engineers were able to test the products with the M-BRAD® brush and use a two step process which simplifies the process and makes it more efficient while maintaining the quality.

The current brush set has 10,000 blades on it. That’s about 10 weeks of production. The brushes are lasting quite long and have freed up a bottleneck.

M-BRAD® Brushes are now being used to finish the blades of professional hockey sticks for Reebok & CCM. These sticks are used by professional hockey players such as Crosby, Tavares, Hossa, Landeskog, Nugent-Hopkins, and Duchene.