PFERD’s Internship Program Brings the Classroom to Life

As we head toward Manufacturing Day–a nationwide celebration of the manufacturing industry taking place on Oct. 7th—we thought you’d like to hear about how PFERD brings the goals of manufacturing day to life. One of the aims of Manufacturing Day is to inspire young people to consider a career in manufacturing.

Through our PFERD Internship Program, current college students are given the opportunity to put their classroom learning to practice. We create an atmosphere within the company that allows interns to truly learn about the career they are studying and their prospective roles. An internship allows them to gain experience and make results happen.

PFERD Interns 2016
L-R: Andrew Oswald, Jake Pallo, Steven Snider

We spoke to our interns about their time here at PFERD. Here’s what they had to say:

Jake Pallo, Quality and Safety Intern, Mechanical Engineering Major, Junior

Role: I have been taking assignments and performing wear testing for products. The data is used to determine the lifespan of products. I have also been helping prepare for the ISO audit coming up in December by filing and restructuring all data and information so that the audit goes smoothly.

Perks for working with PFERD: The size of the company makes it easy to see all parts of the business and the wider industry. I’m happy to have the opportunity to work within a division of a larger company.

Takeaways from being an intern: The real world is completely different from the classroom. I’ve learned how to collect data properly, compile information for future interns to use when performing wear tests, and to use tools like Microsoft Excel. I’ve gained a wider understanding of what quality and safety mean for a company, especially ISO 9000, and terminology used in manufacturing.

Because PFERD has all its functions in one location I feel I like that my work here is really adding value. I have gained more of an engineering mindset by thinking about processes differently, understanding flow charts and diagrams, and sharpening my problem solving skills. The importance of interning is immeasurable.

Internship term: Jun-Dec/Jan

Steven Snider, Manufacturing Engineering Intern, Mechanical Engineering Major

Role: I’ve been working on design projects such as making molds or parts of machines. I’ve also been handling issues pertaining to designs for molds.

Favorite experience: Meeting with other companies about preparing designs for machines in the future. This gives me a better idea that what we do now will have an impact in the future. Seeing new designs and what we hope to accomplish with them.

Perks for working with PFERD: It’s an intimate work environment with the duties of a bigger company. The friendly engineering aspect allows me to interact freely and have conversations with people in different departments. I would recommend this internship to a friend.

Takeaways from being an intern: Real life experience and hands on learning gives me a much better grasp on what I get in the classroom. I now feel like I have a leg up on my career because I am starting out already knowing a lot more about design.

Internship term: Jun-Dec/Jan

Andrew Oswald, Marketing Intern, Marketing Major

Role: I have been helping with the PFERD CRM customer relationship database, which helps connect and build a more personalized relationship with their customers. This way the reach-out for marketing aspects is easier and more personal.

Favorite experience: The company culture. It’s a friendly company and it isn’t overwhelming to have a good relationship with everyone here. I also like the work ethic and the attention paid to the daily details and deadlines.

Takeaways from being an intern: The real world application and work experience is extremely valuable.  Being in an office before a full time position offers a view into the day-to-day functioning of a firm. Being an intern has helped me get a sense of what I’d like to do once I graduate. I would definitely praise to my friends that PFERD offers a terrific internship program. It’s a unique company in a niche industry so it’s a good opportunity to embrace a learning curve.

PFERD Reflects On Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day is right around the corner landing on October 2nd this year. Are you ready?

Manufacturing Day was created as an initiative to give the general public and youth a glimpse of modern manufacturing. MFG Day provides insights as to how manufacturing in the United States offers opportunities for job-seekers, its local communities, and the nation.

Misconceptions about what it means to work in manufacturing have kept the younger generations from even considering it as a career choice. This is why Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) was created and has been successful since its inception.

Manufacturing jobs include research and development, engineering, management, front-line production and more. These jobs are secure and pay higher than average salaries. And yet, many manufacturers are facing a shortage of employees to take over as older workers retire. According to a study by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute, by 2025 there will be 2 million unfilled jobs in the U.S.

If you’re a student, parent, educator or job-seeker, an MFG Day event can show you the many opportunities these openings represent.

At PFERD, we want to contribute to the conversation by saying that manufacturing to us means teamwork toward a common goal, it means facing challenges head on, and it means innovation and ingenuity for developing advancements. Manufacturing may be a wonderful fit for our youth and it can only be considered if the right perceptions are revealed.

At PFERD, we strive to get the right message out by encouraging our local youth to explore and engage in engineering, science, or mathematics. We do so by supporting local STEM and robotics teams like FIRST. We know how important it is to assist those interested in these fields and try to find ways to encourage them.

We urge you to join the movement and visit for more information about how you can get involved or how manufacturing might be the right fit for you.