PFERD North America Moves To A Centralized Location To Better Serve You

As the final step in our plan to centralize staff and operations, including brush production, assembly, distribution and sales and marketing, PFERD announced on June 4th that all executive personnel, marketing, and customer service positions will be relocated from our long-time Leominster location and join with all other company resources at their 100,000 square foot operations center in Milwaukee.

This state-of-the-art facility was purchased and officially opened just four years ago. It already houses all brush manufacturing, central product distribution, and technical training functions.

PFERD President, Gene Huegin, made the announcement and expanded on how the move will affect a positive impact on distributors and customers. “With the initial phase of our consolidation to this more centralized location in 2011, we were able to provide our distributor partners one-order, one-shipment, one-invoice service to reduce their costs. Now, by having our customer service professionals, marketing support staff and executive personnel situated with all our other resources, customers can take advantage of expediting additional business procedures,” Huegin concluded.

This move follows the first consolidation of manufacturing, distribution and training functions originally initiated by the company in July 2011. It also underscores PFERD’s commitment to the North American market which includes the launching of PFERD Canada in 2009 and the purchase of Superior Abrasives in Dayton, Ohio in 2012. Superior is also currently constructing a new facility in Vandalia, Ohio, near Dayton, which will also have all the latest manufacturing technology and business operations built in.

Please wish PFERD the best of luck in this new chapter of a long and successful company history!

PFERD TOOL MOBILE: Centuries of Expertise, Delivered to Your Door

PFERD is always looking for innovative ways to help our clients. Whether it’s communicating safety procedures or optimizing common applications, we enjoy being able to problem-solve any of our clients’ needs. One way is through our small laboratory classes at the PFERDACADEMY in Milwaukee. Another is held outside the classroom and allows us to provide our clients with real world applications of our tools and services. We realized that all of our clients have different needs, so we wanted to give them an option for a more specialized experience. One where PFERD can showcase our products and demonstrate varying solutions needed to resolve your individual concerns. That is why we incorporated our Tool Mobile program. Continue reading