The  Benefits of High Performance Bur Engineering

Almost any operation involving metal cutting, fabricating, or machining requires secondary processing steps. Removal of weld seams, raised edges, jagged shards, and other imperfections can undermine the part’s performance and detract from its appearance.


With PFERD’s high performance carbide burs, however, manufacturers can easily perform any needed machining while ensuring that their products receive as smooth a finish as possible.

Because they’re designed with particular materials and applications in mind, PFERD’s high performance carbide burs can significantly increase productivity and reduce manufacturer’s operating costs without sacrificing performance.

Material Considerations

While PFERD offers a range of single and double cut burs for general-purpose milling, certain materials pose unique machining challenges. Our material-specific burs will deliver optimum removal with an excellent surface finish.  Their innovative tooth geometry and premium-quality tungsten carbide construction allow for:

  • More aggressive cutting
  • Reduced chatter, noise, and vibration during operation
  • Safe material removal by generating large chips instead of potentially dangerous respirable dust

The following is a brief overview of the various cuts available in our High Performance line, and their unique advantages.


Works best with…


CAST Cut Bur

Cast irons Less noise, smoother milling operation, very high chip removal


Steels and cast steels Shorter machining timelines, extremely high stock removal

INOX Cut Bur

Stainless steels and hard alloys Enhanced tooth geometry, superior finishing, reduced heat generation to prevent discoloration

ALU Cut Bur

Aluminum, other non-ferrous or soft metals High stock removal, reduces loading

Application Considerations

In addition to burs designed for work on specialized materials, PFERD’s high performance range includes carbide burs designed to suit specific applications.


Works best with…

Ideal for…


Automated OR handheld machining Precision applications, high-quality finish


Versatile handheld edge profiling
  • Precise, guided work on edges
  • Chamfering, deburring and edge breaking/rounding
  • Steel and aluminum construction


High-impact applications that typically result in chattering and broken bur teeth Tough operating conditions in shipyards and foundries


Established outside of Cologne in 1799, PFERD has supplied manufacturers with premium metalworking solutions for hundreds of years. In 1942, PFERD was granted their first patent on a “rotary milling cutter”, which later evolved into our present-day line of carbide burs. Over the centuries, PFERD has been committed to offering high quality “single-source” solutions for grinding, cutting, hand finishing, and specialty applications.

Regardless of your industry or application, our high-performance burs can help you achieve maximum productivity and cost effectiveness in your machining process.

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